Security for your dog and cat

Enter all relevant information about your pet (medical as well as other information) into our data base. In the event of an emergency the helpers as well as you will directly have all the necessary information available to use.


Then three things are important:
1. Your animal's chip number
2. Your pet's name
3. The Dog & Cat Royalz rescue database

Your pet always carries its chipnumber with it
Helpers will find the name of your pet on the golden collar hanger, which also contains the internet address of the database.

Just navigate to this address. After having entered the chipnumber and name of the pet all information are available to you or any helper: Blood group, allergies or radiographs, but also special preferences of your pet. Perfect when it's really urgent!

And this is how it works!
1. Register as a customer of Dog & Cat Royalz and receive the link via e-mail with which you will be able to confirm your registration.

2. As soon as you are registered and confirmed, you can add your pet to the rescue database by clicking the „Add animal” button.

3. Fill out the questionnaire about the animal to your best abilities.

4. In the questionnaire you have to choose which safety package you want to book for your dog or cat.

5. You will then receive a payment request by email and after receipt of payment the emergency data will be activated for online queries.